Do you remember this????

Cats in the Cradle.Jacobs ladder, Sea Saw string games We did this with elastic too,only put it around two chairs spread apart. We used our feet, it was called Chinese jump rope!


ABBA, Didn't much like them when I was growing up but now I can't get enough of their music! :) used to love abba


Chinese jump rope - Loved this! Plus you could play string games (cat's cradle) with the rope too!

"Columbo" The rumpled detective (Peter Falk) with the great old car!

While never an absolute favourite of mine, I do like watching Columbo every now and again. Peter Falk was so cute as the seemingly bumbling detective.

Euroschecks, war das immer umständlich.

Things of the past - Dingen van vroeger ( Eurocheque voor op vakantie )

Milchtüte mit Haltebecher

Milchtüte mit Haltebecher

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Elektrische Brotschneidemaschine

Elektrische Brotschneidemaschine

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