One of the most decadent chocolate cakes ever – Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake. #chocolate #cakes #recipe

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake is one of the most decadent chocolate cakes ever. Visit OMG Chocolate Desserts go through the recipe and try now!


English Tea Party Cake + Cupcake combo, I like this idea of taking all sorts of little cakes for the tea party baby shower idea. It fits in with the "Mad Hatter" theme I am going for. just not those colors

Swap the top for a bride and groom. This would be Gabe and Stella's wedding cake. Pic shown to me by Fi. #TheAlphabetGame #AndieMLong

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dont like the top so much but I like the idea of MMs spilling out and down the side-----agree! My uncle love mms so maybe when he's here next I'll make him it!

cute cake

birthday cake decorated with frosted ice-cream cones.this would go with D ice cream cone balloon idea she pinned :)

Kid Birthday Cake Inspiration! 66 Fabulous and Unique Birthday Cakes for Babies and Kids

Baby Shower Cake: Brown-Sugar Layer Cake with Caramel Buttercream Frosting - Martha Stewart Recipes - and the marzipan animals,as well~!

Fruit Cake. Already sliced and ready to serve, nice.

Fruit cake for toddler parties. Start by slicing the watermelon into wedges and then arrange them in a stack of circles (rinds facing out) to create a cake shape, as shown. Decorate the cake with the other fruits.

Chocolate and gold wedding cake inspired by French designer Louis Vuitton #graceormonde #weddingstyle #GOWS #weddingcake #dessert #couture #bride #weddinginspiration #luxuryweddings

Perfect for a fashionista bride - chocolate and gold wedding cake inspired by French designer Louis Vuitton

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Wow, sieht das toll aus! 4 unglaublich einfache Deko-Ideen für Kuchen & Torten

19 Easter Desserts – Prepping for your Easter menu? Kraft has deliciously simple desserts that will wow your guests—like our Easy Lamb Cake made with JELL-O and COOL WHIP. From brownies and bars to cheesecakes and bunny favorites, you'll be sure to find t