Luftfahrtkunst, Aviation Art

Original gemalte Bilder mit Flugzeugmotiven aus der Luftfahrtkunst von Stefan Stein (zu verkaufen)
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My book: Aviation Art Paintings, Art, Books, Aircraft Painting, Aviation Art, Completed, Kunst, Preview, Link
My book: Aviation Art
My book about the aircraft paintings and aircraft modelmaking is completed. About the link you can look in the book. In the preview selected pages are to be considered.
An-2, AVS Antonov Verein Schweiz Aircraft, Passenger
An-2, AVS Antonov Verein Schweiz
An-2, AVS Antonov Verein Schweiz,
SE.210 „Caravelle“, SWISSAIR Geneva, Ict, Approach
SE.210 „Caravelle“, SWISSAIR
SE.210 „Caravelle“, SWISSAIR HB-ICT „Schwyz“ . In approach to Geneva, 1969.
FES-530/II „Lehrmeister “ Fes, Gliders, Vehicles, East Germany, Manufacturing, Seater
FES-530/II „Lehrmeister “
FES-530/II „Lehrmeister “. Two-seater training glider with a span of 15m. 223 manufactured by VEB Apparatebau Lommatzsch DDR (East Germany), 1960. 40cm x 30cm, Gouache.
Iljuschin IL-14P, Deutsche Lufthansa Dresden, Chemnitz, Service, Helicopter, Helicopters, Engineering, Dakota, Deutsch, Karl Marx
Iljuschin IL-14P, Deutsche Lufthansa
Iljuschin Il-14P, Deutsche Lufthansa (GDR), manufactured by VEB Flugzeugwerk Dresden (production number 6341703). Engine Asch 82T produced by VEB Industriewerk Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz) November 13.1956 put into service by Deutsche Lufthansa of GDR, it was the second color scheme oft this airline.
Iljuschin IL-14P Lines, Liner
Iljuschin IL-14P
Il-14P, Deutsche Lufthansa (GDR),
Iljuschin IL-14P, Interflug Aeroplane, Planes, Civil Aviation, Airplane, East, Flying
Iljuschin IL-14P, Interflug
Manufactured by VEB Flugzeugwerk Dresden (production number 14803008). August 26. 1957 put into service by Deutsche Lufthansa of GDR. From 1963 to 1968 in scheduled flight with airline Interflug. Airline Lufthansa renamed Interflug. Exhibited in the Aircraft Museum Cämmerswalde (Erzgebirge)
an airplane flying through the air with clouds in the background and information about its markings
Antonov An-2T
An-2T, Serial No.: 19504, 1958,
Motorglider C10A, Chemnitz Animals, Bird, Prototype
Motorglider C10A, Chemnitz
Second prototype C10A in 1942 at Chemnitz Airport.
Antonov An-2P Illustrators, Rebuild, Skf, Illustrations, Bush Plane
Antonov An-2P
An-2P, Serial No.:17904, 1957 Deutschen Lufthansa (GDR) Rebuilt with rectangular picture window.
four different types of airplanes are shown in this drawing
Antonov An-2
Antonov An-2,
the website for aviation art is displayed
a painting of an airplane taking off from the runway
Baade Typ152
Baade Typ152, zweiter Prototyp V-4,
a painting of a red and white plane flying in the sky with clouds above it
Antonov An-2T, Interflug
Antonov An-2T, Interflug GDR (East Germany). Gouache, 48 x 36cm;
Mikoyan Gurevich, Mig-29 Fulgrum A - History, Fighter, Mig 21, Military Jets
Mikoyan Gurevich, Mig-29 Fulgrum A
Mikoyan Gurevich, Mig-29 Fulgrum A -