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an airplane flying in the sky over a mountain range with a red cross on it's tail
Junkers Ju.60
an advertisement for the klm air plane
a man standing in front of an american airlines poster with his airplane on the wall
Airbus A300 American Airlines
an airplane flying in the sky with clouds around it and land below on either side
Boing Constellation operated by BOAC. Took my first trip to England in 1968 aboard this plane.
Ultra-light personal hang glider
an airplane flying in the sky over snow covered ground and trees, with one person on it's wing
an airplane is flying in the sky with its landing gear down and two engines out
an airplane flying through the air with other planes in the sky behind it and clouds
Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe / Sturmvogel
Wwii Plane
an airplane sitting on the tarmac with another plane in the back ground behind it