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DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Unique WEDDING Gift-Customized Wedding Gift-Pebble Art-Unique Engagement Gift-Wedding Art-Couples Gift-Love Gift-Bride and Groom Gift by MedhaRode

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pretty flower diy : You can put them in two layers using a slightly smaller circle for the top layer petals and it's really cute to use two different patterns and cover the button in fabric used in your bow. ok, i will try it as a gift for a little girl.

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DIY Phone Charger Holder Holder - LOVE this idea! Few supplies needed to make this cute phone holder!

Anleitung zum Einschlagen großer Ösen (Einschlagen mit dem Hammer)

Anleitung zum Anbringen von Oesen

Anleitung zum Einschlagen großer Ösen (Einschlagen mit dem Hammer)

Blumen :'D

DIY Tutorial: Wedding Flowers / DIY Hair Ties - Bead&Cord Except I'm just going to hot-glue it to a hair clip.