Fotos aus der Sächsischen Schweiz
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a stream running through a lush green forest filled with trees and ferns on the side of a cliff
Im Teufelsgrund
moss covered rocks in the middle of a forest
Im Bärs Grund
the sun is setting over some clouds in the sky with trees and mountains behind it
IG 'Stiegen- und Wanderfreunde'
Sonnenaufgang Lilienstein
an aerial view of the countryside and mountains
a view from the top of a mountain with trees and mountains in the background
the mountains are surrounded by trees and rocks
some trees and rocks on a sunny day
some rocks and trees on the side of a hill
the rock formations are surrounded by trees and blue sky
some rocks and trees are in the distance
Blick vom Langen Horn
there is a tree that is growing out of the rocks on top of this mountain
Blick vom Langen Horn
some chairs are sitting on the side of a rock face in front of a cliff
some very pretty rocks and trees in the woods
the mountains are covered with trees and rocks in the foreground is a blue sky
Schrammsteinblick mit Falkenstein
some very tall rock formations in the middle of a wooded area with trees on both sides