Somehow there's a song stuck in my head... "do you wanna build a snowman..."

Photographer captures the nutty lives of squirrels in snow

Einfach los laufen und es versuchen ist die Devise!

A Journey of a thousand miles / Lao Tzo Quote / Typography by Jennifer Wick. I'm always fascinated on this kind of art that has creativity on a very inspirational word through simple graphics and typography. Travel and exploration will be my happy 2015 :)

artboxONE Galerie-Print 60×40 cm Kindermotive ´´Der Supermann´´ beige hochwertiges Acrylglas auf Alu-Dibond Bild – Wandbild Kindermotive Kunstdruck von Leander Baerenz – Mintsense

artboxONE Galerie-Print cm Kindermotive ´´Der Supermann´´ beige…


Framed seperately on wall. This but with wedding dress and tux or as engagement photo/save the date!

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀David Milan @mdemilan London Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Instagram Post by D V D M L N (@mdemilan)

Beautiful “looking into the past” photos…

Beautiful “looking into the past” photos…

Where procrastinators come to unite.

Realistic 3D Paintings

Singaporean artist Keng Lye makes animals with alternating layer of acrylic paint and resin.or they are real animals that meet their untimely death in a pool of resin.

Wunderschönes gezeichnetes Bild auf einer alten Buchseite

Paint a picture on a book page.or how about print a picture on a book page. This is a big 'duh' moment for me. I feel like so much could be done with a book page background.

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---Fun picture ideas with kids ~ sidewalk chalk on the ground ~ very fun ~ kid/adults can really have fun interacting with their art