I ♥ Subculture Styles such as Grunge Girls, Punk & Steam Punk & Gothic Lolita styles & simply individual stylings. In mir wohnt noch immer ein kleiner Punk und ich mag coole Styles mit Grunge-Charakter, punkiges, Steam Punk & einfach mutiges. StreetStyle mit Indiviualität eben!
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I know he's not rockabilly or psychobilly but its an adorable picture

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I like this type of hairstyle way better than Mohawks . I did purple/ black leopard with a black Mohawk on one of my guy friends once, it looked bomb. I'll try to find a picture and post it

Punk rock Girls

iwishuwereabeer: “ insulin-in-salynn: “ What devochkas. I see the girl in the front everywhere on here.

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Neofolk + Pagan aesthetics, Traditionalism, Fantasy Art, occasional WoW + One Piece