Photo - Sunrise & Summertime

I started to think more about line and tone. I want to possibly have a continuation of dream drawings machine/hand embroidered spiralling across a large piece of material. I haven't yet thought about what sort of background/layers I would want, if any.

Cute couple drawing ideas tumblr

Ophelia feels so lost as to why hamlet is ignoring her now. The drawing shows the depressing emotions hamlet gives her.

how i feel every day

sticks and stones can break your bones but names will forever haunt you. jus because people call u this things doesnt mean its tru! ur worth more than gold! They won't kill u


Then die full of emotional pain. It's way worse than dying full of cuts and bruises.

Doesn't have to be anything pictured but the statement is true - could be eating a person or using ur phone but it's something!