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Melody Stiff: Victorian Rose Plate and Silverware Wind Chime. Cut out plates for other decorations.

Stunning melted bead wind chimes. Love this Valentine's day craft.

Melted Bead Craft - Valentine's Day Wind Chimes

Seashell, I am lovin' this as have many many seashells that my childhood girlfriend, Cheryl (Myers) Hunzinker, collected for me from the sand of California beaches, now I will get to display them!  Awesome

Sea shell craft idea (shells, beads, string, perhaps add a sun catcher)

Wind chimes made from old cookie cutters, beads, buttons, keys & spoons

Windchimes made of old kitchen things - cookie cutters, biscuit cutters, spoons, with old buttons and beads thrown in. Super idea, using Great Grandma's old kitchen things and buttons

Suncatcher Spinner Wood Art

Love the pop of color. Wonder if I could do something similar with a stone path in the garden :) // Suncatcher Spinner Wood Art Rustic Modern Country Decor Valentine Montana Made Wedding Decor Vintage Marbles Clearies Beads OFG Team FTTeam

I adore wind chimes! I have several hanging on my screened porch yuet I can never get enough. I hang them there, from trees, underneath the upper deck - anywhere I can hear their beautiful melodeous twinkling music. Here's 20+ ideas for wind chimes you can make yourself!

20+ Wind Chimes Tutorials - The D.I.Y. Dreamer

A beautiful collection of marvelous Wind Chimes that you make yourself. Over 20 tutorials on how to make wind chimes. Great DIY tutorials for Kids and Adults. Perfect craft for your garden!

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