just a pinch buddah perfect timing (The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever)

After a long time we have decided to bring some funny and extraordinary stuff for our viewers named as Perfect Timing Photos. Funny photos always [.

What influences you?    INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION by R+I creative. INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment.

Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, the film is a Polaroid snapshot of New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment)

Fancy - Macbook Lazerwood Keys #need

LASER CUT WOODEN MACBOOK KEYBOARD Bring the tactile beauty of wood to your keyboard with Lazerwood Keys! Created to perfectly compliment the sleek style of Apple’s MacBook Pro keyboards.

Should You Use The SNOOZE Button?

EO Helpful Tip Is hitting the snooze button worth it? The answer may surprise you. This great video from ASAPScience tells you what you should and should not do with that snooze button.

cool-Dobri-Dobrev-story-saint-orphans #inspiration

Definitely one of the best people in the world…

Movie Quotes and Inside Jokes, 99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!

Use an accented letter as your passcode. No one will ever be able to guess it. <----- That's an amazing idea!

The Conditioned - El Condicionado - Poeta Raimundo A Sobrinho - YouTube

The Conditioned - El Condicionado - Poeta Raimundo A Sobrinho - One of the most moving stories I have ever heard!

What if Nelson Mandela used Facebook to fight apartheid?! #Mandela #Story

Would our nation’s father, Nelson Mandela have spent 27 years in prison if he had access to the same technology, social media platforms, instant sharing apps and global monitoring tools as we do today? Watch the video to find out.

▶ Proposing to Summer (in three parts) - YouTube

Such a cute proposal. His girlfriend ended up finding out, so he did a series of unfortunate ALMOST proposals (soo cute! Proposing to Summer (in three parts)

Warum dieser Mann von Steve Jobs einen Porsche geschenkt bekam #stevejobs #apple

Steve Jobs gives Craig Elliott a Porsche in 1984 for selling a bunch of Macs

#Urban #Living in a #Container in #Berlin

#Urban #Living in a #Container in #Berlin

Toy Cars photography - Minimal genial - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Young Swiss photographer Kim Leuenberger did the series “Traveling Cars Adventures” in which she plays setting scenes with little cars and tiny old

Pinterest-Pin des Pinterest-Account des SMCST ;-) #smcst

Pinterest-Pin des Pinterest-Account des SMCST ;-) #smcst

Danke dafür :-)

Danke dafür :-)