Frieden auf der welt das brauchen wir

POSTER - This ad promotes talking about issues instead of resorting to violence. It transforms weapons into tools that are used to speak.

Wichtige Botschaft und coole Darstellung!

Serious advertisements

Make friend with your garden. Hand holding, be Environmentally Friendly. A simple idea inspired by the relationship between human beings and respecting their environment, mother earth & the eco-system.

Max shoes - Stunning collection | #ads #marketing #creative #werbung #print

The Print Ad titled Stunning collection was done by Jung Von Matt/Limmat Zurich advertising agency for brand: Max in Switzerland.

Untitled | via Tumblr

Joe Webb, Stirring Up A Storm, Original Collage Courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London

Une campagne print choc pour sensibiliser au danger de partager des photos intimes

driehoekig compostitie

French Open {poster} Curated By Transition Marketing Services Visit Us: http: Okanagan Small Business Branding & Marketing design

Plakat mit Wirkung.

I really like how the Surfrider Foundation have represented the effects of plastics in the ocean. Showing the plastic in sushi which is sea food to represent the ocean I think is a clever and very creative way to grab people's attention.

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh: Fresh Dog Breath |

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh: The freshest dog breath Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf…

Publicité & marketing - Présentation de produits

Anshuman Ghosh's Playful Illusions Created with an iPhone - Anshuman Ghosh creates a quirky world using his iPhone. With seamless illusions, he transforms his device from a phone into a toaster, vase, and much more.

This advertisement campaign totally backs up the point the putting across. The way they've used the eraser left overs to create a face on the page is very creative, very personal and will make anyone fall for the trust.

Creative advertising

Oh !

llllitl-keloptic-opticien (Using Vincent Van Gogh) Nailed it. Message is clear (pun only somewhat intended).