Pfeile und Bogen, Tutorial *-* <3

MAKE A BOW AND QUIVER. Pattern for BJD but with a bit of work and extra material could totally be up-sized and used for cosplay

A tutorial on the paracord axe handle wrap.

How to make a paracord axe handle wrap - Paracord guild (could also be used with lucet cord, or leather lacing maybe?

Common Whipping - Whipping knot to keep end of rope from unraveling

This is what Leslie uses. Common Whipping - Whipping knot to keep end of rope from unraveling

Magic power prop - tutorial

This would be crazy cool for The Anchor in my Inquisitor cosplay if I could find a green berry light - Scarlett witch with red

Scroll making Tutorial by hawanja. I couldn't figure out a good board for this but it is somewhat sculptural in nature.

DIY Fairy Lanterns!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

This would be great for a tinker bell costume. Not necessarily Tink-but maybe vidia, or the pirate fairy, all her colored dusts! Fire Pixie Fashion: LED Fairy Lights - Steampunk Costume Accessory and Fairy Room Decor

Bow, Arrows and Quiver Tutorial.

Bow, Arrows and Quiver Tutorial. Carve and glue on feathers. For quiver wrap coarse string around the barrel, paint then add faux leather on top, florist foam at bottom.

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Willow Weaving tutorial for an easy Bird Feeder DIY. Winter has nearly arrived and we have started to place our Birdfeeders outside.


"Harry Potter" Style Soaring Candles - perfect for your Halloween Porch décor or a Harry Potter birthday party! Livemaster - Spooktacular Halloween DIYs, Crafts and Projects - The BEST Do it Yourself Halloween Decorations