Terrarien sind eine wunderbare Idee, frisches Grün in Ihr Zuhause zu bringen! #clearlycreative #partylite #diy

Feb 12 Top Design Trends for 2018

Beautiful DIY home decor idea. Succulent aquarium with a layered look. This DIY indoor plant looks classy and great for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

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Love the lanterns, would-be cute tucked around the garden.even make stakes and use solar lights

Succulent mini landscape - Container Designs with Succulent Plants - Sunset

38 Ideas for Succulents in Containers

Succulent mini landscape Plum-colored foliage is a rich accent against soft greens in these easy-care containers. Arrange taller plants in the center or back, trailers near the pots edges.


Tulpen - Ausgefallene Dekoideen zum Nachmachen: Blütenkranz aus Tulpen