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DIY Cute Little Teddy Bear. Cuter cat! :D

Don't throw out those old socks! Turn them into Sock Animals like this adorable Sock Teddy Bear. He's easy to make and just waiting to be cuddled. It's a beautiful gift idea.

Schnitt und Anleitung, Monsterchen

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DIY Monster Patches for pants, by Art Bar

Monster Patches for your jeans. Don't throw away your worn out jeans when you can Monster Patch them! You'll be tempted to rip up your new jeans just so you can patch them up!

Lil' Monster

Schnulli worry eater doll and Boo Boo doll by Sorgenfresser, soft toys and comforters online, UK

Pokémon Go figuren haken met gratis haakpatronen

Pokémon Go figuren haken met gratis haakpatronen