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a group of dogs that are standing in the street with one dog looking at the camera
BaubleBar Personalized G.I. Dog Tag Necklace
Look at all these happy faces!
a car that has some stickers on the hood and windshield with writing on it
17 Beweise, dass im Prenzlauer Berg alle bekloppt geworden sind
gute Idee
a man doing a handstand while holding two babies
Fit in den Frühling
Love the smile on this child's face :)
the back side of a computer screen with numbers and symbols in white on grey background
Fehler 404
Übersetzungsbüro Arabisch deutsch München - http://www.profi-fachuebersetzung.de/uebersetzungsbueros/muenchen.html
the back cover of an old german book
Fragen über Fragen......was zum lachen!
a pineapple wearing sunglasses in the snow
silhouettes of people jumping in the air on a beach at sunset, with one person doing yoga
a parking meter with a sign on it that says manamana written in german
Ohrwurm zum Mitnehmen
a man is smiling while wearing toothbrushes on top of his head in an airport
Dafür war das nicht gedacht.
Dafür war das nicht gedacht. | 18 Menschen, die grandios an IKEA gescheitert sind
there is a statue of a person holding a bear on it's back with a pink marker in its hand
Sometimes people have to help statues realize their full potential.
an image of different types of boats on the water
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
a man in white is walking down the street with an advertisement on his shirt that says gay
Osama Bin Shoppin
Lol I'm dying
a sunflower with the words sunshine is the best medicine