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A Animals CATs Poodles & some dogs

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Dash Hound

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Best In Show in Vogue UK with wearing Haider Ackermann, VV Rouleaux - (ID:5096) - Fashion Editorial | Magazines | The FMD

Grey Hounds

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Dogs can be jerks too
15 situações engraçadas que só quem tem gato vai entender

Pet Psychology

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Pleasing your Pet & Visa Versa

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Health Vaccination & Medicine

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Travelling with Pets

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Never Walk Alone Art Print by Dog is Good at Art.com
If your cat is obese, or even overweight, you’ll want to find a way to get him slimmed down before it causes a health problem

Fitness with your pet

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Dog & Cat video

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Adopt Cats & Breeds

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Want to own a furry wolf like dog? Check out these breeds that are very close to their wolf ancestors, but are perfect as pets! #dogs #dogbreeds
Are They Easy To Train? Are They Easy To Train? What Happens When You Leave Your Mini French Dog Alone? Find out all the answers about teacup frenchies #dogs #dogbreeds #bulldog #frenchie
Thinking about getting a small dog and don't know which breed to get? Check out which breeds are the best for you!! #dogs #puppies #dogbreeds

Adopt Dogs & Breeds

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As a new puppy owner, I’m sure you’ve been wondering about how to deal with puppy tantrums! If your pup is throwing a temper tantrum, it’s really no fun for anyone involved. And you’re likely looking for the quickest way to get that craziness to stop. So, in this article I’ve put 7 tips together that will help you deal with your puppy temper tantrums the quickest way possible. #puppytantrum #puppytraining #puppy
Teaching your dog new tricks is great for so many reasons. First of all, it gives you the chance to show off how smart your dog is to friends and family. For another thing, it’s a great way to challenge your dog’s mind and give him some mental stimulation. A lot of tricks you see might look like they’re hard to teach. But most of them aren’t all that complicated! #dogtricks #easydogtricks #fundogtricks
Crates are such wonderful things, and can help you out in a lot of ways. One of the things they’re great for is helping you with potty training your puppy! Or at least, that’s what you’ve been told. But what about the fact that your puppy keeps peeing in his crate? That’s not supposed to happen, is it? If you’re feeling frustrated with your puppy peeing in his crate, don’t worry—you’re not alone... #puppytraining #pottytraining #cratetraining

Training DOGS & Tricks

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Funny cat meme : On the medicinal side #cat #meme
Teaching your cat to sit is one of the easier tricks and it’s recommended you try this first. All you need to do is say “sit” as you lure your cat into position with a piece of food, then click and feed.
And now I’m not scared of anything 😸😹 #trendscat #cat #cats #catlovers

Training CATs... Can cats be trained?

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POODLE Grooming

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Wondering if your dog has fleas? Find out the common signs and symptoms of Fleas. If your  dog has Fleas - here are some easy ways to get rid of Fleas forever .. #dogs #fleas #fleatreatment


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Need to Laugh ...

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🐱If your cats are hunters 🐅 too, they will be obsessed with this smart sensing snake toy. I say:" Stop the mid-night parkour, leave our sofas alone, defeat this snake toy and prove to me you are a hunter, TODAY." Get it 👇https://snakeey.com/products/smart-sensing-snake?variant=41695134515349

Toys Beds & Accessories

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Photographic Print: Stan Laurel : 24x18in
a young mickey rooney and friend
diane keaton • thanks, @Melanie Clark

Celebrities & Pets

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Is your dog a picky eater? Here are some things that you can do to get your picky dog to eat. Also, don't forget to check out the best dog foods for picky dogs and puppies
Find out how much fiber a dog should have in their diet. Fiber can be important for good digestive health. Some dog foods have the right amount of fiber for dogs - find out which one is right for your dog.

Pet Recipes | Food

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World's Most Effective Dog Toy Toothbrush #dogs #pets #christmas #winter #health #cats #dogclothing #petowners
VIDEO: How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Pet Hygiene, Litter Boxes & such

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50 Incredibly Useful Life Hacks That You Probably Didn’t Know

LOST Missing PET

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7 Halloween Pet Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats. Keep your dogs and cats safe this Halloween. Whether you are looking for the perfect Halloween dog costume or throwing a Halloween dog party, Yorkie Halloween, you MUST know these Halloween safety tips before celebrating Halloween with your dog or cat. (Yorkie Halloween costumes, Halloween dog treats, Halloween dog photoshoot, Halloween dog names, Halloween dog party, Halloween cat costume, Halloween cat, Halloween cat party ideas.)
Did your vet recently tell your that your dog needs an x-ray? No matter the reason, one of your first questions is likely: how much does it cost? X-rays are known to be pretty expensive. And that’s not too different for our pets. And while they might save your dog’s life (for instance for your vet to be able to diagnose and cure cancer), you’ll also need to be able to pay it. #dogxray #dogs #puppy #dogcost

Medicine & Health

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Window perches and beds are attached onto your window, keeping your cat cozy while allowing them to be entertained by the view outside. Cats often feel safer resting in places above the ground, making a window perch a great option for them to feel truly relaxed and secure which can be your first priority. #cathomeideas #catproducts #catcaveco
Cats can often become bored, so a window perch is a great way to keep them mentally stimulated. They are ideal for indoor cats to still enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors, especially if you live in a busy area. This is great for cats. #catcaveco #catknowledge #catperches


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Please Share This Page: How To Examine And Treat A Dog’s Eyes – Image To Repin / ShareImage – © michaeljung – Fotolia.com If you notice that your dog’s eyes have been squinting, watering or blinking frequently, that could be a sign that your pet is suffering from eye problems. Any disease, condition or symptoms …
Please Share This Page: Photo – © michaeljung – Fotolia.com We found an interesting list of natural remedies for canine eye infections! The link follows after our commentary. Learn the easiest, fastest way to train your dog - without cruel shock collars, punishments or shouting. Eye infections are common among dogs. With a lifestyle that …

Health - Ears & Eyes

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