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Svenja Osmanovic

Svenja Osmanovic
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Mark on a Date by Rocker-2point0 on DeviantArt

Hue hue hue~ >:V Also be careful when you walk…you can stuck your foot in a bucket Also i don't wanna repeat the same shape of Pants…but this will be only an exception :v I'm N.


"My Irish Idiot" A Septiplier Fanfic (Markiplier X Jacksepticeye) - "Valentine's Day" Chapter Eleven - Page 3 - Wattpad

YT/septiplier gif lol by SepticMelon

I was looking at some yaoi gifs ( don´t judge meee ) and I get idea to do septiplier one and believe me it´s pain in ass to do gifs in sai and.

SeptiplierSketchComic by on @DeviantArt

Mark:(*looks at Jack with seductive eyes*)Jack:( Mark.)Mark:( nothing Jack~*touches face soflty*) Jack:(M-mark.