I like this & it goes with black & white bedroom theme!!!

I like this & it goes with black & white bedroom theme, i want my master bedroom like this. Minus the husband and wife decal lol

heerlijk praktisch

Lifted Washer and Dryer, integrated ironing board, and simple cabinets (maybe ikea)

Jede Waschmaschine braucht von Zeit zu Zeit Pflege. Hier sind Tipps, wie du deine Waschmaschine reinigen kannst, damit die Wäsche wieder gut duftet. ✓

Waschmaschine reinigen - Beste Tipps

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IKEA HACK Garderobe

With its adjustable shelves, the IKEA Mandal headboard is already fairly adaptable, but have you thought of using it in ways other than a headboard? These folks did; perhaps it will inspire you to look at the Mandal with new eyes of possibility.


This elegant apartment is situated upon the River Ij, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was designed by Remy Meijers. The interior is brimming with sophis