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Yeah pretty much, I'm gonna strap myself to a chair so I only fall off when it is released

Jinnie oppa, dont judge him alone. Let US judge him together I'm defiantly jin in this situation , like how in fucking can someone not enjoy food like what do you Evan live for?

BFF goals

BFF goals<< I'm sorry but I would never drop my coffee for anyone.well may chimchim

#StanMonstaX — Bts Memes 35/∞ © to the rightful...

Why are there so many bts memes with a hashtag to stan Monsta X? People complain all the time that ARMYs post on other people's stuff not relating to BTS, and yet Monsta X fans can do it and it's fine?

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i do this at school to much the teacher saw me then she *sighs and shakes head* KYLIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING? me: "umm idk what im doing with my life good bye"