Geschenke verpacken in schwarz und kupfer

Verpackungen in schwarz und kupfer- edel und schlicht

Black and copper gift wrappings for Christmas. Some pine cones and bells will make them even more festive. That`s how witches celebrate Christmas!


Rustic décor brings coziness and sweetness everywhere, and if you choose rustic decorations for Christmas – that’s just unbelievable cuteness! We’ve alread

Mein nächstes Projekt ....

truebluemeandyou: “ DIY Giant Knit Bobble Sheep Pillow *Free Pattern* This knit bobble stitch sheep pillow comes in a giant and regular size. Read Purl Soho’s comment section - there were lots of comments, questions, and answered questions about the.

Blume häkeln häkeln Manschette Armband häkeln Perlen von stasiSpark

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