Ruth Speer's art is striking. ✨ @septemberwildflowers:

The eye in this picture stands out, which is emphasis. The blue eye counteracts with the plain white background and the little bit of skin color.

Strukturen der Natur

Dandelion Wishes - it may be only a humble weed but look at the way it's put together - Amazing! Even the most humble of us has something of great beauty.

alles für Ihren Stil -

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Dass pure Göttliche.... Was für eine Majestätische Erscheinung... :-) wunderbar..........

I don't think this is an "adorable animal," but this photograph is just amazing. --Preying mantis' help keep the garden pests in check, but they also enjoy eating Monarch chrysalis.

Liquid Art by Markus Reugels

Germany based photographer Markus Reugels, and he has a passion to capture the amazing structure of the water drops. These photographs are very fascinating with