Pizza Braid

Bookmark this recipe for a pizza braid, made with a puff pastry, slices of pepperoni, grated cheese + glazed with garlic and butter for a bite-sized snack.

grilled mozzarella tomato & pesto sandwiches

mozzarella cheese, tomato, olive oil & home-made pesto sandwiches. **just made these for dinner and they were amazing, full of flavor. Next time I will make them using the panini maker rather than as a grilled cheese.

For Many years, when we think about diseases, medicine comes to our minds as a solution. But what about foods? the nature's way of treating diseases. In fact, if you look harder, you'll find that almost every disease has its own natural remedy. Here we explore some natural remedies you can make to treat or prevent various diseases.

13 Foods That Actually Fight Diseases

My latest Musely find blew my mind: Try This Miracle Drink And Clean Your Liver And Loose Weight in 72 Hours Seriously

Der weltbeste Karottenkuchen, da kann der carrot cake von Starbucks nicht mithalten! | Stylish Living

Der weltbeste Karottenkuchen, da kann der carrot cake von Starbucks nicht mithalten!

So ein Käsekuchen im handlichen Muffinformat ist schon was feines, oder? Mit cremiger Quarkfüllung, buttrigem Mürbeteig und knusprigen Streuseln stehen die Kleinen ihrem großen Vorbild in nichts nach. Außerdem brauchst du keinen Teller, die Gabel kannst du dir auch sparen und schwupps sind sie verputzt. „Wo die Käsekuchen-Muffins abgeblieben sind? Äh…also…nie gesehen!“

Kleine Seelenschmeichler: Käsekuchen-Muffins mit Streuseln

DIY Rezept für gefüllten Mozzarella!

Gefüllter Mozzarella: einfach lecker, einfach zu machen, einfach gut!

Best Herbs for Curing Inflammation Fast #Infographic #Health #Herbs

Best Herbs for Curing Inflammation Fast #Infographic

When the defense system of human body triggers the inflammatory pathways in the absence of any reason, it results in the damage of its own cells. Inflammation can cause longer term damage to the body. Here is the list of herbs that help reduce inflammatio

Braided Nutella Bread. It would be just as impressive and delicious with cinnamon and sugar, too!

Braided Nutella Bread

"Snowflake Nutella Bread" Make it in half the time using pre-made frozen dough! Use cinnamon/sugar for filling too think:Christmas morning

Leichte Low Carb Erdbeer-Quark Torte

Leichte Low Carb Erdbeer-Quark-Kühlschranktorte - Rezept