Schloss Nymphenburg - München

Nymphenburg Palace≈ München Deutschland- walked there in a forced march with the Nuns way to often. Great park behind it.

Munich, Germany | coming here for 3 days after we leave for Italy

Munich, Bavaria, Germany -- how can one describe this beautiful city that has more to offer than just visiting Marienplatz.get out visit the many, many breweries, at least 15 of them

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace aka Nymph's Castle, is a Baroque palace in Munich, Bavaria, southern Germany. visited Munich, Germany after graduation.


The beautiful city of the world is Munich which is the largest city of Germany. Munich is having a motto and its motto is “Munich likes you” So motto of Munich clearly tells us that it is place where people love each other

Marienplatz Munich, Germany

New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus), Marienplatz, and Frauenkirche ("Cathedral of Our Dear Lady"), Munich, Germany. Frauenkirche was totallydistroid in w.

Olympiapark, Munich, 1972

n-architektur: “ Olympiapark, Munich, 1972 Frei Otto, Behnisch & Partner Photo via Johannes Wachter ” View this on the map