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Fresh Fruit Bar - Fair-Style Berry Cones - Use food to decorate the picnic table. Form sturdy waxed paper into cones, securing with transparent tape. Fill each cone with blue or red berries to create a sweet treat and dazzling display all in one.

Pizza Muffins

Pizza Muffins - Partysnack oder Proviant Rezept

Pizza Muffins - perfekt fürs Picknick oder als kleiner Proviant

10 different Pinwheels recipes—perfect for New Years' Parties! #party #familyrecipes

Pinwheels—the Addictive Finger Food

Holiday Rolls & Pinwheels _ 8 Different Recipes. Don't know what to bring to your next holiday party? Try these delicious and quick-to-make rolls & pinwheels! They are easy enough, even your kids can help out.

10 Twists on Pizza You've Got to See to Believe | PIZZA CAKE | The pizza cake craze, which many credit the Canadian chain Boston Pizza for starting, has blown up the Internet. We love this version from So Good Blog, which includes a set of step-by-step photos to help you achieve what they call a "multiple-layered  meaty mutant pizza cake." The candle, of course, is optional.

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This amazing Pizza Cake recipe is unlike any pizza you have ever had. The Pizza Cake is a multilayered pizza surrounded in dough.