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Coca-Cola recently commissioned David to create a sculpture in honor of their Anniversary. David Kracov’s creation, titled “Open Happiness”, measures x and is made up of over 700 individually hand-painted butterflies.

RESERVIERT für JEANNE Mosaik Spiegel Genie Lampe

RESERVIERT für JEANNE Mosaik Spiegel Genie Lampe

Vintage 11.5 Wicker Peacock Chair Plant Holder Boho

Vintage Wicker Peacock Chair Plant Holder, Boho Planter, Urban Jungle Home Decor Plant Stand, Rattan Jungalow Fan Chair.

Paper Leaves Backdrop - Tropical Paper Leaves Backdrop - Exotic Leaves Decoration - Paper Jungle Backdrop - Giant Paper Flowers

Paper leaves is a fresh trend in decorating nowadays. Designers of fashion industry and merchandisers willing to use them in their work. If you wish to give your event notes of trend, the paper leaves will be a wonderful solution