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Brutasha was just like BAM outta nowhere!! <<Exactly!

Brutasha was just like BAM outta nowhere!! <<Exactly!

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Awwww..... Grover.....

:'(<---that's exactly what I needed today!~ Now go to your room and think of what you have done to this fandom, while I sweep up whats left of my heart!<<< and in addition to that, he still has an empathy link with Percy

Your move, Netflix. #StrangerThings

Or, Steve knocking on the Wheeler's door and Nancy answers, gets flustered and asked what he's doing there. He rolls his eyes and says "Relax Nancy, I'm here to see the kids.

We were robbed of this

Imagine the Percy Jackson movies carrying the feeling the Harry Potter movies and cast have done for us. Imagine all the memes stating that the cast was more like their characters.

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bubble and butterfly birthday party - gold tinsel bubble wands

Try Best Guy Steve Rogers." I hate it when people dislike Captain America/Steve Rogers because he's too boring or old-fashioned. He seems to be the Avenger with the most modern view of women and he respects them.