Tapete: Iwanka - Die TapetenAgentur


Masterpiece, by Eijffinger. This beautiful floral wallpaper mural takes you into the intriguing world of old masters and exquisite details. Available through Guthrie Bowron stores in New Zealand.

Tapete: Nautilus, col.09 - Die TapetenAgentur

Nautilus, col.09

Nautilus wallpaper from the Whimsical collection by Cole & Son Spring This charming design stars a pair of enigmatic anglerfish shimmering in a dreamlike landscape of underwater plants and tendrils, in teal with golden fishes.

Tapete: Acquario, col.30 - Die TapetenAgentur

Acquario, col.30

Cole and Son Acquario - The fish theme appears in some of the earliest Fornasetti work, and this design adopts some of the motifs used on decorative trays. Picked for their whimsical and naive appearance and set on a subtle washed background.

Tapete: Cuilko, col.01 - Die TapetenAgentur

Cuilko, col.01