Do it yourself, 3D hand | face funny

cool hand drawing for lesson on lines.also made me think of Gibson for your after school crafts, I think kids would think this is pretty cool!

Father takes photos of Daughter posed as classic art

Bill Gekas loves taking pictures of his daughter – but these aren’t your average dad’s snaps. Beginning in the Australian photographer has created a series of portraits inspired by classic paintings, like Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.

London Underground Posters at the Transport Museum

The lure of the Underground, by Alfred Leete, 1927 - Poster Art London Underground's Greatest Designs. A major exhibition at London Transport Museum opening on 15 February 2013 in celebration of anniversary of the Underground.

True Colors: What Brand Colors Say About A Business

Studies have shown that a product’s color influences percent of a customer’s purchasing decision, which makes choosing the wrong color a death sentence before your brand ever has a chance t…