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a man is standing in front of a computer screen talking to another man who is wearing a black shirt
Ritchey at ARD Wissen
ARD Wissen set at Tattoo Anansi
three people in a room with cameras and lighting equipment, one man is on the phone
ARD Wissen Ritchey am set
a blue and white van parked in front of a building
ARD Wissen Dreh - Juni 18
an open book with tattoos on the pages and pictures of people's faces in it
best of Hungary Ritchey article by tattoomagazin Hungary
a woman standing in front of a vending machine
pro7 galileo recordings - back in 2015 at our old location at the fam leopoldstr. haha! what a funny take !
a television screen with a man on it
Paul on pro7 Galileo at tattoo anansi munich germany
a woman's stomach with a tattoo on her lower back and the word love written in cursive font
taff - Cover-Up: Diese verpfuschten Tattoos sollen weg!
Tattoo Anansi at Taff - Pro7 cover up with Brigi, Gaby and Ronja
a small leaf with the words happy fall written on it's side and an inscription that reads,
Selbstversuch Probe-Tattoo
Selbstversuch Probe-Tattoo - Galileo - ProSieben
a woman is standing in front of two televisions and posing for the camera with her hands on her hips
taff - taff vom 07. Juli 2017
taff vom 07. Juli 2017 - taff - ProSieben