This hug is special for my friend! If you know her please join me in sending her a hug! This is for you (Please tag her in the comments if you care)

Habt ihr manchmal auch einfach das Bedürfnis, jemandem so richtig Meinung zu sagen, aber ihr habt keinen schlagfertigen Spruch parat...

Spruch des Tages: Witzige Weisheiten für jeden Tag

War for peace - I have never heard anything so ridiculous, hypocritical and contradictory in all of my life! Can't we just stop fighting? That will bring peace, won't it?

Omg wie süß

chibird: Everyone finds a friend in the end, even the little cactus. :D Sidenote: I had an amazing/crazy time at state’s and prom. We’re going to national’s again! I’ll post more drawings this week to make up for the past few days~

How tiny can Swiss pocketwatches be made I wonder...

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