teno theriac

teno theriac

SecondLife VJ & versatile media artist, machinimanist, video creator, junk cutter, pulp producer, photographer, enthusiast, minimalist - doing this & that ...
teno theriac
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E² -- MEDIADROME will be back soon

E² -- MEDIADROME will be back soon

Telephone Call From Istanbul

COM Virtual Burlesque is quickly becoming one of the most unique, and highly popular forms of entertainment within the digital, online w.

Self Reflections

Self Reflection: Playing with lights and with our own shadows. Self Reflection: Playing with the effects of mirrors on our own image: symmetry, multiplicatio.

All Would Envy

A secondlife machinima to Sting's song: All would envy. Recorded live at Berlin with the London Symphonic Orchester

The Invisible Man

Second Life Machinima - 透明人間 - The Invisible Man

The Date

The Date - Second Life movie - Machinima.

Hai Kur Mamashu Shis

Hai Kur Mamashu Shis (Second Life Machinima)

Duran Duran - The Chauffeur

Duran Duran - The Chauffeur (Second Life Music Video)