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He could be uncomfortable with the idea of Destiel because Misha is his friend, and he probably got teased a lot when he was a kid for modeling and acting. But he is sure as hell NOT HOMOPHOBIC!


THIS IS NOW A THING<<< I was actually in class and was on my phone and started laughing and my teacher was like Brianna are you okay and I just said uh Luigi! And my friend just stared at me and we laughed until the teacher told us to be quiet

Linda!!! Was ist falsch mit der Welt?!?

This hurts me to read. The person who wrote this exceeds foolishness-- I hate people who don't research. Or read. This person should be lashed for calling Tolkien an "unoriginal idiot" .

The Supernatural side of Tumblr part 2

"It's like yoga, but I still get to kill something." This is the most accurate description of hunting/fishing ever. <---And now I'm imagining Dean trying yoga, but thinking "no, not enough killing"

X'D i would pay to watch. they wouldn't know what to do they'd just be standing there watching the people in the mosh pit in horror

yes XD i know this is Austin Carlisle but i read the caption about the Beliebers and thought "yes just throw all the fucking Beliebers into a fucking bmth moshpit and a wall of death and watch them survive that!