Philippine Style Pork or Chicken BBQ - marinating overnight is the key to the most flavorful meat. It's then skewered and grilled and basted, basted, basted to perfection.

This is my FAVORITE Filipino BBQ recipe - the best one I've found so far. This is off of my husband's Man Food board. It's cold the But it's still grillin' weather!

This Beetroot & Chilli Ketchup makes a vibrant and delicious homemade gift, though once you've tried it on your chips it may be too good to give away!

2016 recipe 1 - Beetroot & Chilli Ketchup Used hot chili powder tsp) . This was very thick and hard to process due to how dry it was. We added a little more red wine vinegar and used the food processor and it processed nice and smooth.