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Rattraps Murder Turtles "Spring-type rattraps are an effective means of disposing of turtles which menace game fish in a pond or lake." An illustration shows a turtle about to bite a chicken head in a trap mounted to a post set in shallow water. Sorry, tu

Full tutorial for bird trap

The Arapuca Bird-Trap is a simple method for the live-capture of birds. It is commonly used in Brazil to catch birds for food or pets. This trap is normally used for ground feeding birds that eat seeds or fruit.

How to Catch a Fish in a Survival Situation. Primitive fishing techniques are very useful skills for acquiring food in the wilderness. Learn three methods...

This is a great old Native American fish trapping technique. It's best used in tidal waters rivers or creeks. The concept is to funnel finish into an area where it's hard for them to find the way back