gift ball using yarn.  Wrap gift up inside the ball.  What a hoot!  Have to do this.  Hang these on the Christmas tree!!!  <3
Einladungskarten basteln - die schönsten Ideen - luftballon0 Rezept
polka dots & washi tape
i can't wrap my head around how to execute; super curious and excited for someone to hand me a piece of paper and an exact-o knife.
Balloon invitations
This is a really cute idea for any surprise :)
Gift Wrapping

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Birthday wrapping with candles.
Emballer vos cadeaux avec les tendances d'aujourd'hui
Washi tape, with brown paper for a birthday gift
advent calender wrapping idea
Today was fairytale: DIY inspirace - balení dárků
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Packaging and Branding - DIY - Washi tape