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a piece of paper that has been made to look like a colorful mosaic pattern on it
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* Scheur verschillende kleuren sitspapier in kleine stukjes. Plak ze daarna in een patroon of willekeurig op een voorgedrukt ei A3 formaat! Klaar? Uitknippen en op een groot gekleurd vel plakken!
an arrangement of painted eggs on a plate in the shape of a flower ornament
Anna Perun’s Beautiful Pysanky - Real Handmade Traditional Ukrainian Chicken and Goose Eggs
Pysanky - Traditional Ukranian Easter Eggs. Made using a process similar to batik................ I desperately need to replace my dyes so I can start making them again.
a woman sitting at a table covered in lots of colorful eggs
Pictured: The hand-painted Easter eggs believed to ward off evil spirits and misfortune
Kerstin Hanusch presents her traditionally decorated eggs at her booth at the 16th Sorbian Easter egg market in Schleife, eastern Germany. Easter is a particularly important time of year for Sorbs, a Slavic minority in eastern Germany
an easter egg sitting on top of a pan filled with white and blue swirled eggs
Beautiful Marbled Eggs
Beautiful Marbled Eggs « Shannon's Tot School. Will be trying this but with hard boiled eggs, dipping them in vinegar first then the dyed shaving cream and letting them sit 15 minutes then rinsing them. Thanks for the idea.
a bowl filled with colorfully painted easter eggs on top of a wooden table next to green grass
Egg dying techniques: part 1
wrap hard boiled eggs with elastic rubber bands then put it in the food-coloring dye. remove them and pat dry with paper towel and remove the rubber bands.
several pictures of different types of eggs and crayons
Create colorful EASTER EGGS using Melted Crayons. It's easy to do + KIDS will LOVE it.
tie - dyed paper circles are hanging in front of a house with grass and trees
Pixie Chicks
Coffee Filter Easter Eggs
two pieces of paper that have been made to look like an egg and one is decorated with colored triangles
Easter Egg Mosaic Craft - fun, simple and beautiful!
a string wrapped egg hanging on a wall
Easter Egg Yarn Craft
Easter Egg Craft
someone is making easter egg dominos out of paper
Easter Game: Easter Egg Dominoes
Easter Egg Dominoes: a fun Easter game to make yourself
colorful painted eggs in an egg carton
a woman in a flowered shirt is spinning an egg on a tea light holder
A woman creating an encaustic Sorbian (a Slavic minority in the Lusatia region of eastern Germany)Easter egg.
three painted eggs sitting on top of hay
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Ukrainian Easter egg Pysanka, Blue Intricate