Autumn craft. The girls would like this because of Phoenix.

Fall-Leaf-HEDGEHOG - This wasn't actually on the site I went to, so it's basically just a picture idea. But I can use the template I found somewhere else to do this craft.

Autumn Crafts - What a cool idea!

5 Autumn Crafts for Kids Acorns, leaves, nuts, pinecones…Nature provides us great materials for crafts projects! Need some ideas? Here are 5 easy and creative crafts to try.

Kastanienkranz - Horst der Specht - die kreative Webseite für Kinder

Conker (horse chestnut) wreath - makes a different pretty Christmas wreath

Nature Crafts: Chestnut Spiders

Autumn Crafts: Horse Chesnut Spiders (Kastanienspinne

Nature Crafts for Autumn: Chestnut Animals (Kastanientiere)

Chestnut Crafts - Animals (Mit Kastanien Basteln

Nature Crafts for Autumn: Chestnut Animals (Kastanientiere) animals amb castanyes

party craft...with acorns, conkers, macadamias...whatever I can find!!!

Thanks, and a little animal entertainment

acorn & chestnut man :: Dálle Un Coliño 10 things to do with conkers :: Here We Are Together acorn necklace :: One Golden Apple game of conkers :: Emma Bradshaw chestnut necklace :: Lilybel chestnut bugs :: Nini Makes.