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a woman covering her face with her hands and the words female rage is forgeting to wear jewelry so your whole day gets ruined
Worst thing ever not mine 🫶🏼💋
the words me oh thats cute checks price tag me no it's not
Not *that* cute
the text reads, when your texts are isolation & avoiding but your love languages are quality time & physical touch
This is so meee
a white wall with the words going home to be ugly in peace is one of my favorite things to do
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the text reads, life is so hard when your best friend is 9 51 and you're a strong strong 4 with the right filter and lightning
the text reads, if you ever really want to know me look at my pinterest
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a girl with long hair wearing a green jacket and spider - man t - shirt
andrew garfield’s version and miles morales are the best spidermen. argue with someone else
spider - man and other characters with text that reads, my comfort character is literally a spider
I’m deadass
help me
a teddy bear with the words as a 2010 kid i would like to petition to not be associated with ipad kids and sepora kids
fr were not all ipad kids 😭#relatable #whisper #ipadkid #2010
two people standing next to each other with cell phones in their hands and one person looking at the camera
Sturniolo Triplets ☆
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someone holding a book with the title i will be sending holly my therapy bill
in a new amount of pain
#thereappearanceofrachelprice #agggtm #hollyjackson #whispers #whisper #booklover #books #aesthethic #pinterest #rachelprice
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an image of a statue with the caption when you accidentally open the front camera
an image of two cartoon characters with caption that reads, when someone you don't know or like touches u
a shelf filled with lots of books next to a rubber duck
especially holly jackson’s and karen m. mcmanus’s books‼️💗
my whisper‼️ — thriller — murder mystery — books — books —AGGGTM — A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder — Holly Jackson — Karen M. McManus — One of us is Lying — Stephen King — Five Survive — The Reappearance of Rachael Price — whisper
a tweet that reads, shower thoughts @ showerfeelinings have you ever stopped paying attention in class, realized you stopped paying attention and started focusing so hard
a tweet with the caption merry miri
a woman laying on the floor in front of a painting with text that reads, you're going places yeah bro i am going home to sleep
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