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{started looking at this list and saw some words i didn't recognize as a COLLEGE graduate. O__O time to get to work!} 100 Words Every High School Student Should Know Gonna work on this

<3 = Internetese

How To Say 'I Love You' In Any Language

Körpersprache ist nicht so eindeutig - die Bedeutung ergibt sich durch die Verbindung der Zeichen (verschränkte Arme + zusammengezogene Augenbrauen+feste Lippen= Ablehnung)

A Handy Visual Guide for Writers Infographic Description Body Language! A Handy Visual Guide fo


You should know these - A List of Useful Educational Websites

Can my dog eat that?

Can my dog eat that? This infographic answers once and for all! (Little Holly's Big World)

What Dogs Can and Can't Eat. Ever been snacking when your pup walked up, flashed those gorgeous puppy dog eyes and quietly begged for a bite?

Photoshop. What a glorious, glorious thing.

Photoshop. What a glorious, glorious thing.