Tontechnik von thema eins für kleine, mittlere und große Veranstaltungen
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an electronic mixing console with buttons and knobs
two turntables with the words technics scrupel printed on them
a black turntable with red lights on it
the back side of an electronic device with its motherboard and parts attached to it
dB Technologies "Opera Digital 605 D" Aktiv PA-Lautsprecher mit 600W RMS
dB Technologies 605 D Lautsprecher
a black device with the word phoner on it's back end and wheels
Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS CD-Player
two black speakers sitting on top of each other
db technologies 605D Lautsprecher
the front view of a mixer with buttons and knobs
Pioneer DJM-1000 MIschpult
a black box sitting on top of a white surface
Funktion One Infrabass (für Großveranstaltungen)
an electronic device with a microphone attached to it
Sennheiser LSP 500 Lautsprecher mit Akku und Funk
two black speakers sitting side by side on top of each other, one is closed
Sennheiser LSP 500 Laustsprecher mit Akku und Funk
a black speaker with the letter n on it's front end and side panel
Sennheiser LSB 500 PRO Akku Lautsprecher mit Akku und Funk
an electronic device is displayed on a white surface
Shure ULXD4 Funkmikrofon Empfänger-Station
two microphones and three other electronic devices
Shure ULXD Funkmikrofon Sender & Empfänger
a dj's turntable is shown with the control panel open and ready to play
Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS CD-Player
two dj's and one turntable are shown in three different positions with the same logo on it
Pioneer CDJ-2000
an image of some electronic equipment that are in the box and ready to be used
Traktor Scratch Pro DJ-Software & Time-Code-Vinyl
an electronic device with many knobs on it
Pioneer DJM-1000
two audio mixers sitting side by side on top of each other
Native Instruments Audio 8 Audio Interface
the back side of a black speaker
the speaker is black and has a white logo on it
an analog mixing board with knobs and buttons
Native Instruments Kontrol X1 DJ Controller
an electronic device is sitting on top of a metal stand with buttons and knobs
Native Instruments Audio 8 Audio-Interface
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a white table
Apple MacBook Air
a pair of headphones sitting on top of each other
Sennheiser HD25
two microphones sitting next to each other on a white surface
Shure SM58 & Beta87 Funkmikrofon
a close up of a microphone on a white background
Shure Beta 58A Mikrofon