Alte Bücher bitte nicht wegwerfen! Zaubert mit etwas Geduld einen Blickfang für euer Bücherregal. Im Video seht ihr wie das geht..m

Book Folding DIY

Book Folding DIY This is such a neat idea, but I'm not sure I have the requisite patience for this project // The Sewing Rabbit: Folded Book Art DIY (video)

Schöne Ideen für alte, kaputte Bücher, Zeitungen und Zeitschriften.

21 Uses For Old Books

If youre a die-hard bookworm, then you probably cringe at the idea of throwing away old books even if your bookshelf has reached maximum capacity. Heres a solution: upcycle them into things you want to keep around the house, like jewelry, furniture,

Schmuck Baumschmuck Papier Anhänger Weihnachten Verpackung

Paper jewelry by Malena Valcarcel. Don't think I'd wear this as jewelry, but it does make a darling ornament!

zeitungspapier geschenkverpackung selber machen und kleine geschenke schön verpacken

I think these bags and this idea is so cute, I would love to receive the bag let alone a gift inside. Gammal bok blir presentpåsar – Turn old book into gift bags

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Vivid colors, charming fall motifs, and luscious textures fill these crafts ideas with the cozy appeal of fall. These easy fall crafts adorn you and your home in warm autumn colors and textures, making every day a harvest cel