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Every brunette needs a blonde best friend.so true my best friend has blond hair :)


oh right, the poison. the poison for kuzco. the poison chosen "SPECIALLY TO KILL KUZCO" kuzco's poison. that poison?

Grow up, Get a life.

Grow up, Get a life. Mario was concealing an incredibly good life message.


This logotype illustrates freedom literally by having the op half of the M fly off like a bird. The logotype uses the comparison of birds and freedom as a message. This logotype is effective in communicating meaning.

Live, Love, Dance!

How to Love, Sing, Live and Dance with your spouse. You may wonder how you can connect with your spouse or what you can do to spend ti.


Kimball Hall Wedding by Brenda Upton Photography

Flip flops for all the girls who want to take their heels off. **Such a good idea, especially since there are bound to be dance friends at my wedding! We'll be tearing up the dance floor without the pain.

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