jean pocket cell phone holders

Use your old jeans pocket for a cell phone charging holder!just use a phone case that has a strap.

Old jeans pillow. Especially love that you can use the pockets.

Upcycle Recycled Designer Denim Jeans TV Remote Control Storage Pocket Pillow

Here's a practical solution - a recycled pair of Tommy Hilfiger designer jeans, converted to a couch pillow, with (this is the good part) a dedicated remote control pocket!

aus Jeans-Hemden

Denim pillows -- Cool idea to make pillow covers from denim shirts. Sew it up and use the buttons to secure the pillow inside.

Diy Denim Pencil Case - Step by Step.

How to make a pouch, purse or wallet. Diy Denim Pencil Case - Step by Step.

Jeans bag that is only 1/2 the bag, that would make it easier than trying to sew two layers of jeans together.

Rikes Welt - English translation not available but great image idea for upcycle jean purse.

jeans to shorts...that's cute.

Secrets of a Super Mommy: Unfinished Projects~Cut off Jeans Shorts (and what to do with the leftover Legs!

Diese 9 genialen Ideen beweisen: Alte Jeans schneidet man auseinander und bastelt. Geniale Teile!

Here are 15 DIY ideas to reuse your denim and give them a fresh life. Reshape into this skirt

Denim/fabric Purse

Denim Upcycled / Recycled Purse with Hidden Pocket - Bright Stripes

{Easy Tutorial} How to Make a Stylish Handbag using an old pair of Jeans! CUTE!

How to Make a Handbag Using a Pair of Jeans