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Build your world upon a solid foundation.
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an image of the moon with text over it that reads an instruction to approachable worldbuilding
writing tips
Building an original and exciting fictional world from scratch is certainly no easy task. Today, we're breaking down the six key elements every writer should consider when world-building for their stories!
a lineart map with the title for beginners
A Lineart Map Tutorial for Beginners by stratomunchkin on DeviantArt
Lineart method of worldbuilding maps
how to draw marshes in adobe and photoshopped with the text, learn more
How to Draw a Marsh — Josh Stolarz
Marshes are an interesting feature to add to your fantasy maps as they are transitional areas between land and water and have a very iconic look. This tutorial will break the process down into some simple steps so you can draw marshes on your own maps #joshstolarz #mapyourstory #mapeffects #dungeonsanddragons #rpg #worldbuilding #maps
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European Royal Court - Female Positions
Worldbuilding - Female Positions in a Euro-style royal court
Inspiration for worldbuilding languages Writing Prompts, Writing Tips, Writing, Languages, Words, Language, The More You Know, Knowledge, Facts
Language Creation Reference - Nushu
Inspiration for worldbuilding languages
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Creating Fantasy Names
romance writeblr | Tumblr #FantasyBook #romance #tumblr #writeblr
a woman sitting on the ground reading a book with text overlay that reads, worldbuilding
How to Worldbuild Cultures
If you’re feeling overwhelmed in worldbuilding a culture for your story, start with the foundation. In this blog we show you how to use physical environment + cultural values to build complex and unique cultures for your fantasy or science fiction worlds. #amwriting #worldbuilding #writingtips
the space shuttle's weight chart is shown in blue on white paper with black numbers
Bare Necessities.
Your Weight in Outer Space
yellow flowers with the words naming your world in black and white overlays
World Names
Tips for Naming Your World
Inventing languages is a crucial—and fun—part of fantasy novel worldbuilding. Words unique to a country, region, people, or race give the world texture and depth that can’t come from ordinary words… Fictional Languages, Fantasy Fiction Writing, Fiction, Writing Genres
11 Words Every Fantasy Language Needs
Inventing languages is a crucial—and fun—part of fantasy novel worldbuilding. Words unique to a country, region, people, or race give the world texture and depth that can’t come from ordinary words…
the words, questions to ask when creating fictional ethicities in black and white
Questions to Ask When Creating Fictional Ethnicities
Something I love to learn about, both in real life and in my story-worlds, are different cultures to my own. It's fascinating! I could...
a coin with the words writing creating coins worldbuilding fantasy money
Creating Coins: Worldbuilding Fantasy Money • Mackenzie Kincaid
Creating Coins: Worldbuilding Fantasy Money. How something as simple as the naming of coins can add depth and realism to your fantasy world. #amwriting #writing #writingtips #worldbuilding #author #write
an image with the words, you shouldn't be giving a grand tour of your fabulous world what you want to do is really thoroughly create a small town
Writing tips: World Building
LOOKING FOR worldbuilding articles? Check out these 4 awesome worldbuilding TIPS from the AUTHOR of ENDER’S GAME! #WorldbuildingForWriters #WorldbuildingIdeas // Worldbuilding culture // Worldbuilding for Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels // Author Perspective // Worldbuilding Cities // Worldbuilding a Town // Worldbuilding posts // Writing Process Pre-writing // Writing Process Brainstorm // Fiction Writer Resources // WorldbuildingInspiration #WorldbuildingQuestions #TipsForWriters
a poster with the words build a world in 3 days on it's side
Lonelytofu on Twitter
Inktober Background / Enviornment Drawing Prompt List by _lonelytofu_ on twitter. Good for worldbuilding concept artists and just getting better at drawing backgrounds
an old book with the title, 100 rumours to hear in a town or village
Town Rumours
100 Rumours to Hear in a Town or Village has 100 different rumours suitable for a fantasy setting. #RPG world building ideas / fleshing out adventure pathways for DnD / Pathfinder could be red herrings or plot hooks