Mhhhontags-Rezept: heute mit Rezepten für Sesam-Hähnchen-Spieße, Himbeer-Tiramisu undundund- dem “Germany’s Next Topmodel”-Buffet von Joanna und ihrem bezaubernden Blog Liebesbotschaft. GMNT? Ja, das guckt man jetzt wieder, weil Joannas Tochter Jil da mitmacht…

marshmellows on stick . Dip in melted chocolate from the microwave and sprinkle with goodies while the chocolate is warm. these would be great for our hot chocolate "tea".

I can't adult today // : (from ) Donuts don't lie. We're almost at the finish line aka the weekend. What are your plans for the weekend? Comment below! by blavityfoodie

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