Ich mag dass der Wohnzimmer ist offen. Es hat viele Fenster

Gallery of AR House / Campuzano Architects - 22

Beton ist Kunst @sb5_sichtbeton https://www.sb-5.de/plus/ (Betondesign – Präventive Sichtbetonbearbeitung: Die Vollendung & Perfektion Ihrer Oberfläche und Realisierung Ihrer Visionen.) Sichtbeton Wand + Holz treppe

This intriguing timber staircase set before a moody expanse of concrete has immense visual appeal with its beautiful almost helix-like central twist and it’s smooth sweeping exterior. By YYDG InteriorDesign.

Geile Treppe!

Corian® cantilevered staircase LUXO SURFACES - OFFICINE SANDRINI Tg: concerned glare at eye level or above. Solution turn steps on a few at a time on the way up, but could give good contrast on the way down

Treppe Licht

Today’s emphasis? The stairs! Here are 26 inspiring ideas for decorating your stairs tag: Painted Staircase Ideas, Light for Stairways, interior stairway lighting ideas, staircase wall lighting.