West Village - Cape with hood - Frosty White or Smokey Grey -Cape with a collar when snapped becomes a large hood. -No pockets -Hood water resistant -Heat sealed seams to not let a drop of water

Vinyl Rain Mac - Jackets & Coats - Clothing - Topshop

Vinyl Rain Mac - Jackets & Coats - Clothing

Rain, rain come again soon, so we can put this vinyl rain mac beauty to good use.


Clear Raincoat, Pvc Raincoat, Plastic Raincoat, Latex Outfit, Rain Coats, Wheelchairs, Umbrellas, Macs, Trench


Red Raincoat, Raincoat Jacket, Rain Coats, Red Riding Hood, Rain Gear, Latex, Sportswear, Macs, Ponchos

Ein überzeugendes gelbes Regencape                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Large range of womens high fashion, designer and everyday rainwear.


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Pink Raincoat, Raincoat Jacket, Clear Poncho, Apron Dress, Pajama, Hug, Macs, Latex, Ponchos

Yellow Raincoat, Raincoat Jacket, Pvc Raincoat, Vinyl Raincoat, Rain Cape, Rain Gear, Rain Jackets, Rain Bonnet, Latex Fashion

Large range of womens high fashion, designer and everyday rainwear. British manufactured high quality trenchcoats, capes, jackets overtrousers and a full range of festival clothing.

Jane Post 'Princess' Rain Slicker with Detachable Hood available at #Nordstrom

This is a women's green blue blue green detachable princess long rain hood slicker from Jane Post, a macintosh made from cotton fabric treated with oil and pigment to make it waterproof.

PVC Regenpelerine mit großen Taschen

Being naked outside in a long plastic cape feels good with the wind blowing against the plastic