Damit wird das Kinderspiel "nicht den Boden berühren, der ist aus Lava" fast Wirklichkeit :)

Stone set inside glass with a red LCD screen. The floor looks like lava,. Lol don't touch the floor. Dear Santa Stone set inside glass with a red LCD screen The floor looks like lava Lol don't touch the

interessante Garten LED-Beleuchtung

Rope lighting in flower beds. This works perfect for lighting a walkway. I used the rope light holders that stick in the ground and cut off half the spike.

indirekte beleuchtung

LED Wall Light EXAMPLE - Indirect Lighting: Diffused light produced by directing the light toward an intermediate surface that reflects the light into the room.

eine schraknwand machen, und dort wo die jacken aufeghängt werden, geht man ins mauerwerkt und gewiist 30 cm, auch als offene graderobe

Wardrobes would be along RH wall as you come in front door, with recessed space for coats, and cupboards for bags and shoes

Arquiteto Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris | LOLO❤︎

The most amazing luxury homes ever: brilliant architecture and brilliant interior design project

Villa in Frankreich: Modern Garten von Bolz Licht & Design GmbH

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False Ceiling Design, Ceiling Trim, Ceiling Ideas, Coffer, Flat Ideas, Neoclassical, Arabesque, Plastering, Lightbox

esstisch lampen-super-toller-kronleuchter

Dining Room, Farmhouse Room Lighting Small Square Table And Chairs Chandelier Bench Seat Chrome Table: Unique Chandeliers