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Hand Crafted and Forged Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener made from a Recycled Spanner! Perfect for the Mancave.

Today's build: Darren milled the inside of this 14x7 Bubinga stave snare with…

― Percussion Worksさん( 「Today's build: Darren milled the inside of this Bubinga stave snare with Walnut stripes for…」

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Organizer Box Cabinet …

Deliver a little bit of grandeur to your living house along with inspirational carpentry ideas as well as tasks rack created by woodworkers around the world.


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Nailing drawer boxes together used to frustrate me as I tried to steady the wobbly parts while keeping them aligned and trying to drive a nail. This clamping jig adds stability to this ungainly process. You can make the jig to whatever size best suits your needs, but the dimensions shown will accommodate very large and fairly small boxes. Build the jig from any type of scrap stock; you’ll find the star knobs and T-tracks at woodworking supply stores. —Lynn Lawrenz, Algoma, Wis.

Attaching hinges, driving threaded inserts and other installation tricks you can accomplish like a professional woodworker.

Bauanleitung Aufsatzzange – Nicht ganz nach Moxon | Holzwerkerblog von Heiko Rech

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